We start where the others run from.

We specialize in Microsoft Dynamics projects. We have had a number of projects that we have entered and rescued.

We digitize business processes.

We're avoiding paper processes. We bring insight, control and transparency.

We’re used to manage projects differently than most of the others.

What are we basing on?

On the top people

The team is tailored for each project. We don’t choose consultants for projects according to their current utilization, but according to their expertise and added value for the project. The highest quality of consultants, architects or project managers is absolutely crucial for us.

On the right technologies

We will design a the most suitable solution reflecting your individual needs and we recommend the most suitable platform. We will not prefer just one platform, though it may not be so useful. We will not ‘overcustomize’ it unnecessarily. We want to be proud of the solution we deliver, so we recommend the technologies we guarantee.

On the long term relationship

The vast majority of projects have resulted in a long-term cooperation. We are happy to see our solutions really help our customers and support them in their day-to-day activities. Although most of our customers are large companies, we like to grow even with smaller ones.

What do we like to help you with?

With process digitization

We will help you get rid of paper forms and non-transparent processes. We will provide you with a flexible Xeelo platform to manage your processes and help you design, optimize and connect to existing systems if needed.

With ERP implementation

We will help you design and implement new Microsoft Dynamics 365  business software to fulfil your current and future needs and to support your company’s growth. And above all, we will ensure that the project does not crawl and does not get stuck.

With change management

We know how difficult it is to change the way your employees work. Our projects are not just about delivering new systems, but about changing cultures without which digital transformation would be just a buzzword, not a reality.

Where do we help?

What technologies can we support your business?

A modern platform for managing business processes, managing master data and generating often recurring business documents.

Comprehensive ERP and CRM systems for medium and large companies for business, finance, manufacturing, warehouse, retail and other areas.

Interactive and versatile platform for streamlined presentation of outputs through graphical dashboards – either from Xeelo, Dynamics 365 or from any other data source.

Call us. Anytime.

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